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Fenwal - Clean Agent Systems, AnaLaser High Sensitive Smoke Detection, Intelligent Detection/Control, Linear Detection Systems, Explosion Suppression
In a competitive world, no business operation can afford a fire-related interruption. "Mission Critical" facilities require the state-of-the-art total fire protection capability only Fenwal can offer. The concept begins with rapid detection of fire in its incipient stages. Precision alarm and control functions alert people and initiate emergency actions. Then clean, fast-acting fire suppression prevents extensive damage to people, property and business continuity. TOP

FM-200 Clean Agent


Fike - Clean Agent Systems, Conventional Detection/Control,
Intelligent Detection/Control, CO2 Systems
, Explosion Protection
Fike Protection Systems manufactures the finest fire suppression, detection and monitoring systems available, including clean agent and carbon dioxide suppression systems, advanced analog addressable and conventional fire detection and alarm systems. Fike jumped ahead of the competition with innovative, advanced explosion protection technology (use < strong>Adobe Acrobat Reader to view Fike's brochure), and Fike was the first company to provide FM-200 clean agent suppression in U.L. Listed and F.M. approved systems. One of Fike's products is the Cheetah System, a microprocessor-based analog addressable system ideally suited for fire alarm, clean agent suppression, carbon dioxide suppression, and sprinkler/pre-action fire detection and control systems. TOP



Protectowire - Linear Detection Cable, Conventional Detection Control
We design and manufacture state-of-the-art special hazard fire detection systems that serve hundreds of industries. Our specialized engineering and design talents can be focused on any variety of total system control--for intrinsically safe circuits, deluge valve actuation, auxiliary equipment shutdown, or remote function annunciation. Protectowire is dedicated to bringing you products that have been designed, engineered, and manufactured with the highest degree of quality and reliability that only five decades of experience and a commitment to quality can provide.TOP

TRI - Wire[TM] Dual Temperature
Linear Heat Detector



Vesda - Very Early Warning Smoke Detection
Offering the superior performance of VESDA aspirating smoke detection, the new LaserCOMPACT can be cost effectively installed in smaller areas not previously considered viable. LaserCOMPACT provides a new opportunity to take the benefits of VESDA detection to new environments such as archives, production machinery, ceiling voids, prison cells, dormitories, critical process control cabinets, cable vaults, generator rooms, flight simulators, wet benches, and many others.TOP



Foam water monitors/nozzles

Ansul - Fire Protection Solutions
Some companies provide only portable extinguishers, some only systems. And a few offer only certain agents and related hardware. Ansul manufactures a full line of fire protection products for commercial, industrial and marine applications. Each is designed and manufactured to exacting standards and tested under the scrutiny of independent worldwide laboratories. TOP